Competition: Take The Road Safety Pledge With Y And Win Attractive Prizes!

15 Mar 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Children will write it and parents will sign it – let’s take the pledge together towards safer roads. In celebration of the GCC Traffic Week on now until March 17, Y calls out for families to join the ‘My Road Safety Pledge’ and stand a chance to win a top prize.

Road safety awareness plays a significant role in shaping the attitudes and behaviour of children and young people – guaranteeing they become responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the future.

With the highest number of deaths on the road in the GCC, figures for the Sultanate are staggering – with one death for every ten accidents, and 3,845 accidents occurring in 2017 alone, based on the latest available data. Of those incidents, 640 resulted in fatalities.

To teach children from a young age to be aware of traffic rules and regulations, Y Magazine is once again conducting the ‘My Road Safety Pledge’ competition in conjunction with the regional GCC Traffic Week.

To participate in the competition, children will write a ‘My Road Safety Pledge’ on behalf of their parents in a custom-made card which you’ll find here in this current issue of Y Magazine. The ‘My Road Safety Pledge’ card has a space where children can pen the pledge on behalf of their parents.

The Road Safety Pledge has to be counter-signed by their parents as the purpose is also to promote the message of road safety to parents through their children. The best three pledges will win a cash reward.

The card will look like this

Once the Road Safety Pledge is written on the supplied card, parents are requested to drop the card at designated drop-boxes coming soon across Muscat.

Participants can also look forward to a soon-to-be-announced on-ground activation event where children will colour the cards and take the Road Safety Pledge, with the winners being announced at a special upcoming ceremony where they’ll receive their prizes. More details will be coming soon – so be sure to pick up your latest copy of Y Magazine every week at select locations across Muscat!

7 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Road

Besides teaching children road safety rules, parents should also keep in mind the following tips to ensure that their little ones stay safe on the road:

  1. Buckle up and ensure that your child always wears the seat-belt or is secured in a car-seat.
  2. Use the child lock feature to prevent your kids from opening car doors by themselves.

  3. Teach them about the rules practically – take them for walks and cycling and teach them how to do it correctly.check if they are breathing.

  4. Show patience when driving and set an example for your kids by being calm and refraining from rushing out on to the road.

  5. Be punctual and disciplined to avoid speeding and rash driving.

  6. Don’t use mobile phones or other gadgets when driving.

  7. Never leave your kids alone in the car.

Here’s why you’re always safe in a Honda with Honda Safety and Driver Assist Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow allows the driver to set a desired speed and following interval from a vehicle detected ahead, allowing the use of cruise control in light traffic conditions. This significantly reduces the driver’s stress of driving in traffic. The system uses the millimeter wave radar and monocular camera to continually track the distance to the vehicle detected ahead, and then adjusts the Accord’s speed to maintain the set following interval. A short, medium, long, or extra-long interval can be selected. When required, the Accord automatically brakes using the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) modulator. Integrated Low-Speed Follow extends the automatic following capability to stop-and-go traffic situations down to 0 mph. A visual warning is instead included in the head-up display on the Sport 2.0T trim.

Here’s how ACC works in a few different traffic scenarios:

• A preceding vehicle is detected in the lane ahead – Decelerates automatically, if required, and then controls the following distance.

• The preceding vehicle slows to a stop – Stops automatically and remains stationary.

• The preceding vehicle accelerates from a stop – Resumes following when the SET or RES switch or accelerator pedal is operated.

• Another vehicle merges in between the Accord and the preceding vehicle – Automatically switches ‘targets’ to the nearest detected preceding vehicle.

• The preceding vehicle exits the lane – ACC system continues at cruise-control speed previously selected by driver 30 to 180kph.

A Driver Information Interface (DII) message and audible warning alert the driver when the ACC function is activated.

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