4 Omani Innovations That Aim To Make Your Life Easier

26 Mar 2019
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The Y Geek Squad previews some tasty new bits of tech, as unveiled by the IT entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Bran plates

Eating food on food?  One product will help you say goodbye to plastic plates! These environmentally-friendly plates are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients and can be safely microwaved. Designed by students from Al Musanna College of Technology, the bran-made plates cost RO1.5 for six pieces. They can be disposed of and used later as fodder for cattle or as plant fertilisers because they degrade within 30 days. This student-run start-up is planning to expand its line of products to include a range of kitchen utensils.

Resizable sandals

Tired of spending a fortune on sandals that wear out in less than six months? Cobbler, a student company, has just unveiled some sandals for men that have an adjustable belt that can expand to three different sizes. The company was established in September 2018 by a team from Sultan Qaboos University. The made-in-Oman sandals come with replaceable belts of different colours so that the customer can redesign the sandal’s look. For RO35, you can buy a sandal that never ages!

A True Contender

More than 600 people lost their lives on Oman’s roads in 2017. To help cut down on fatalities, students from the International College for Engineering and Management have developed a device that alerts police and the ambulance service about any serious road accident before they get the official call. The idea is that a small chip is installed behind a car’s front window so that when an accident happens, it evaluates the impact and sends signals to the nearest relevant authorities. The solar-powered device is fire-proof and unbreakable, according to its creators, Al Thiqa. In case there’s an issue with the chip, the company has designed an app that notifies drivers of any possible problem with it.

Editor’s Pick

Smart adapter

After an alarming rise in the number of house fires in Oman due to overcharging phones and other electronic devices, students from the National University of Science and Technology have created ‘Pluggus’, a smart adapter that can be adjusted through a mobile app to go on and off as per the user’s schedule. The timer can be set via an Android app that also contributes to reducing energy consumption. Thirteen students from different engineering backgrounds have joined forces to start the Electronico company. Pluggus is its first product, and is expected to be released soon onto the market.

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