This is why Oman is a “photographer’s paradise”

18 Feb 2019
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‘Arabian Nights’ and Walt Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ were all what Alberto Micucci could fantasize about when he was planning a romantic trip to the Middle East.

“My girlfriend and I wanted to visit an Arabian country which hasn’t lost its true identity in favour of the petrodollars,” he said.

Surrounded by Oman’s spellbinding nature, the Italian photographer had one thing to say: “It’s a photographer’s paradise.”

He elaborated: “The beautiful mosques make it great for architecture photography, the busy souq makes it ideal for street photography, the sandy dunes of Wahiba are great for astrophotography, and the rocky coast along Sur are fantastic for landscape photography.”

After spending a couple of days in Muscat for a taste of the capital, the couple rented a car to enjoy a road-trip across the Sultanate’s tourist hot spots, passing through Sur, Ras Al Hadd, the Wahiba Sands, Nizwa, Jebel Shams and Khasab.

But, nature wasn’t the only thing that amazed Micucci.

“There’s one thing though for which Oman in unbeatable and that’s people’s kindness and hospitality. This has really warmed my heart,” he said.

During a tour near Nizwa, a random Omani man greeted the couple and invited them to his house for some coffee and dates.

“He also called his sons to introduce them to us and for more than an hour we spent time hearing great stories about Oman, sipping the wonderful Arabian coffee along with the tastiest dates in the world!”

To the couple, this was one of the most authentic and unforgettable experiences in Oman.

Does he have a favourite picture from his photo journey across the Sultanate?

“If I had to choose one I would go for the one which pictures an Indian worker wearing a blue uniform, busy cleaning one of the many alleys of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. In addition to the wonderful colours of the columns offering a natural frame to the scene, this picture is particularly dear to me because it gives voice to a lot of the immigrants that I saw in Oman and that are doing a great job.”

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