Ambulances to be fined for violating traffic law says ROP

12 Feb 2019
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Muscat: Ambulance vehicles will be fined for traffic violations during hospital-to-hospital transportation, Brigadier Mohammed Al Rawas, Director General of the Traffic Department at the Royal Oman Police said on Monday.

He clarified that fines are not imposed in emergency cases.

A number of Majlis Al Shura members and social media users voiced their disapproval of fining ambulance drivers in Oman.

However, Al Rawas said to Al Wisal Radio that the decision was taken following a number of reported accidents due to over-speeding of ambulances during non-emergency transportation.

“We came up with the decision in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. Most government ambulances transfer patients from a hospital to another, which do not classify as emergency,” he explained.

He said that the growing number of hospitals in the Sultanate resulted in an increase of ambulances on congested roads. “Many accidents could have been avoided if ambulance drivers followed traffic laws. We had to address the issue,” he stated.

Al Rawas explained that the ROP raised awareness and educated ambulance drivers but “results were slow.”

In cases of violating traffic laws, ambulance drivers will have to pay the fine.



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