4 Tips (And Shortcuts) To Keep Your Eyelashes Looking Healthy And Strong

10 Feb 2019
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

From Russian extensions to the mascara brand you’ll be coveting all year, here are our top beauty picks to keep your eyelashes popping.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then our lashes are the perfect pair of curtains. Or so the saying goes. Thick or thin, real or fake; without a doubt our eyelashes are two of our most feature-framing assets.

So, whether you’re a tube addict who loves to layer on that extra coat of mascara or prefer to fake it till you make with a pair of feathery falsies, here are some of our fave products and trends to try.

Great lengths

Take the wand-work out of your morning makeup routine and skip the mascara in favour of some eye-opening extensions that will amplify your gaze. If you’re thinking of jumping on the celebrity bandwagon and going down the Russian route for your falsies, here are some tips before donning these ‘mink’ lashes. Essentially, the Russian lash extension craze is all about maximising what you’ve already got, with 100 per cent synthetic, ultra-soft lashes that can be attached up to six per natural lash for a full, voluminous effect that’s super-feminine. The best part? They last up to eight weeks. But, as they need to be applied by an experienced esthetician, they’ll set you back RO163.

Products we love: If you want a similar look without the shocker of a price-tag, Ardell Professionals Magnetic Double Strip Lashes, Demi Wispies will give you that same wide-eyed fringe at a fraction of the cost. Price: RO3.3.

(Photo credit: Instagram/@lash_perfect)

Tinted love

Want that freshly-coated appearance minus the clumps? Consider going for a lash-tint. One of the most low-maintenance, no-makeup ways to make your eyelashes appear darker and fuller, it’s a process that involves brushing a semi-permanent dye directly onto your lashes, with results that last for around a month. While many different kinds of dyes can be used by your esthetician, vegetable-based ones seem to be some of the least harsh. If you want to head to the salon for a pro application, expect to shell out around RO15.3.

Products we love: If you want to go the at-home route, pick up Godefroy 28-Day Non-Toxic Mascara, which comes with a skin-protecting lash shield, and a tiny brush to ensure you get an even coat. Price: RO7.2.

(Photo credit: www.marieclaire.co.uk)

Perfect peepers

This season it’s all about the bold and the beautiful. Keep the focus on your eyes, and the rest of your makeup routine simple with a skyscraping mascara and winged liner that’s nothing less than smouldering.

Products we love: When it comes to eye-catching drama it’s all about the volume. Turn it up with a tube of It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Motts (RO5.1) and finish it off with a swipe of liquid onyx with NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner (RO2.6).

Take it all off

Mistakes happen – and sometimes you’ve just got to stamp them out and start from scratch. Maybe you’ve glued your falsies on wonky, or you’re a chronic plucker who’s rattled loose a few errant lashes. Removing them seamlessly is key to minimising any damage to your natural lashes, or tears to your eyelid’s sensitive skin. Thankfully, there are loads of products on the market to help you do just that although having your extensions removed by a professional is always the safest bet.

Products we love: Lash Perfect Easy Lift Gel Remover is your skin saviour. Apply this delicate gel to your lash-line and let it work its magic so you can carefully and effectively remove your extensions, at home. Price: RO5.

(Photo credit: www.stylecraze.com)

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