4 Gag Gadgets That Will Set The Mood For Your House Party

17 Feb 2019
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad goes off the wall with some disarming devices for the discerning joker.

Remote Control

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there comes another pointless gadget that doubles up as a prank – and this one we approve of. The Remote Control Cushion does exactly what it says on the tin. It comes with barely visible buttons that can help you control everything from your smart TV to your satellite dish set top box. So, throw it to your unsuspecting friend while they’re watching their favourite game and see their hands inadvertently switch channels. The sensitive buttons really do aid the cause – and watch your mates pull their hair out as they try to figure out who’s changing the channel. Get this from paramountzone.com for RO7.9.

Smart (or dim) Bed

On the face of it, the SmartDuvet Breeze (yes, that’s its actual name) is a modest bed that, like every other one in the world, lets you sleep on it. But there’s a twist. You see, the bed may look like a run-of-the-mill one but really, it’s a prank waiting to happen. Originally designed with good intentions, this bed comes with dual-zone climate controls, and as a party piece, also does itself up. You can see where we’re going with this. Partners or their peers will inevitably download the app, pair it with your bed to switch temperatures, or even better, do up your bed while you’re asleep. It’s almost like watching a butterfly go back into its cocoon. Just make sure you clear your tracks before you run away. Get this contraption for RO142 from digitaltrends.com.

Liar, Liar

You’ve seen it in the movies: all the anticipation, sweat, and preparations done in advance for a lie detection test using the most modern technology available to us. Well, this gadget – the SHOCKING LIAR Lie Detector Game – is the exact opposite. As you have probably guessed, it is indeed a lie detector game in which you ask your victim to rest their hand on the turtle shell-like machine with a metal top. What they probably won’t know is that, despite the nature of their answer, there’s a 50-50 chance that they’ll receive a jolt of about nine volts. It’s a bit unnerving at first but it’s a fun game to chuck at the unaware during parties. Buy this for RO9.2 from amazon.com.

Editor’s Pick

Voice Changer

How cool would it be if you could lower the pitch of your voice to sound like Batman or go as high as a soprano and shatter glass? Well, someone obviously thought of that but took it one diabolical step forward to come up with the iStranger Cell Phone Voice Changer. As advertised, this gadget plugs into your smartphone and changes your voice. The little device comes with a built-in microphone that can also alter pitches with the push of a button. There are a few presets to get things rolling. Just remember to keep things legal, and yes, we don’t suppose it’s OK to call in sick at work with a low-pitched voice. We’re not giving tips… really! It’s all yours for RO134.3 from amazon.com

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