These Are The Top 5 Game Releases for January 2019

03 Jan 2019
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Team Y keeps its gaming habit alive as the onset of New Year delivers a dearth of fresh releases.

As much as we hate saying it, the onset of the new year means the holiday season is almost at a close. And, while that translates to a new work term for most people here, it also means game developers are finally resting their eyes for the first time since July last year.

January – as always – will be a slow month, save for a slew of low-key releases that should keep the keen occupied… if you couldn’t find something late in 2018, that is.

Here’s our list of top games for this month:

1) Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

From the most sought-after flight combat simulator in the late 1990s to a relatively unknown gaming franchise in 2019, Ace Combat has really bitten the dust since its previous release. Perhaps it has much to do with the long five-year hiatus in the development of a sequel than the overall game itself. The latest release – Skies Unknown – will be set in modern times and in a conflict between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea. It’s a clichéd story – but the graphics (from what we see in the trailer), coupled with Unreal Engine 4, should make way for a classic dogfight. If that isn’t enough, the developers will let you play the game in VR. Just make sure you keep a bucket so that you avoid nuking your PS4 console and anything nearby.

2) The Walking Dead: The Final Season

When announced as a four-part-episode series back in 2018 – with two of the episodes already hitting the online stores as early as September – there was much fanfare surrounding the release of ‘The Final Season’. But, with the two episodes – ‘Done Running’ and ‘Suffer the Children’ – only receiving average to mildly positive reviews when made public, we aren’t pinning our hopes on the latest episode. Sure, with its classic graphic-adventure-style gameplay and enthusing narratives, the game should still make way for a good 12 to 20 hours of gaming. Only download this if you’ve already played the rest of the games from the series. Otherwise, it’s best you skip over to the next game.

3) Onimusha: Warlords

If mastering complicated anime-styled games are your forte then roll up your sleeves and try your hand at Onimusha: Warlords. Originally launched back in 2002, the game stole the hearts (and hundreds of hours) of young gamers trying to figure out the intricate, if a bit dense, storyline. All we can say after about 40 hours of intense gameplay on a PlayStation 2 is that the game is set in the Sengoku era and that you play the role of Samanosuke Akechi, a Samurai who is on a quest to save Princess Yuki from the demons. We’re sure there’s more to the storyline than that, though – and we hope the remastered edition of the game will make gaming a bit simpler.

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4) Tropico 6

This is possibly the only game we’re looking forward to this month. Announced back in 2017, the sixth edition of the construction and management simulation game, Tropico, will finally hit the stores later this month; January 25 to be specific. Just like its previous titles, the game lets you master lands, and build towns and cities in various real-world eras. It’s a challenging aim but one that is incredibly rewarding when it plays out. Prepare yourself for the thousands of hours that the game will inevitably pin you down for.

5) Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

If you thought that Onimusha had a complicated storyline, get a load of this: No More Heroes revolves around a baseball player turned assassin, Badman, who looks to seek revenge against a middle-aged assassin turned gamer, Travis Touchdown, for killing his daughter. Oddly enough, you’ll find yourself butting heads with logic when you realise that you play the role of the latter i.e. trying to challenge Badman.

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