These Are The Coolest Car Gadgets You Can Buy In 2019

20 Jan 2019
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad takes to the road with some gadgets to guarantee safer, swifter motoring.

1) Tyre Safety

It’s a well-known fact that drivers often neglect conducting safety checks on their tyres as a part of their daily routine before driving off. While most pricey cars come packing in-built tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that can take care of that, older cars do not. But, the Nonda ZUS Smart Tyre Safety Monitors fit right into your car’s steel or alloy rims to give you live readouts of you tyre pressure through an app. It’s a cost-effective alternative too that will set you back RO46 from

2) Heads Up

Did you know that the traditional way of reading your speed – with your speedometer on the instrument cluster – is unsafe? You are taking your eyes off the road for seconds at a stretch, and its awkward placement means you’re often at the mercy of your instincts to predict your speed.

That’s why you need to invest in the HUDWAY Glass – a simple head-up display solution for your car. The device makes use of your smartphone to project the details onto the screen in your line of sight. Details include your vehicle speed, navigation functions, and even messages. Get it from for RO19.3.

3) Essential Gear

It’s a topic we seldom discuss but have you ever thought of how you would respond in the event of a freak accident? It’s a matter every driver must consider no matter how petrifying the thought can be. While precautions can be taken on the road to avert any unfortunate incidents, it’s also important to uphold and practise post-crash safety drills.

That’s where the AutoXscape comes in handy. It’s an aluminium-crafted 3-in-1 car tool that features a seat-belt cutter, window breaker, and an emergency flashlight. Buy this potentially life-saving gadget form for RO23.1.

Editor’s Pick

4) Travel Assistant

We here at Y love a bit of innovation – which is why we’re ogling the Roav VIVA. Essentially pegged as a car charger with two ports to fuel your smartphone’s power requirements, the device comes with a slight twist: it has Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa built into it. This means it can respond to various commands – like playing music, heading to a destination, making calls etc – with simple voice inputs and without the need for you fiddling with a phone. The charger also supports fast-charging for all those power-monger bricks we pass as smartphones today. Buy this from for RO23.1.

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