Technology That Can Revolutionise Your Office

12 Jan 2019
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The Y Geek Squad finds the latest gadgets that will send your next meeting into the stratosphere.

1) Meet and Greet

Standing out from among a sea of conferencing software is Citrix’s GoToMeeting. While its necessity in this day and age is questionable – owing to its aged mojo – there are still tens of thousands of professionals who prefer to use the app due to its ease of use and encryption options. This makes for a great app that can not only connect you with your colleagues or clients from miles away, but also a safe space where your ideas are safeguarded from the prying bands of the Internet. Get this app from for free for your PC, Mac, tablet computer or smartphone.

2) Hello!

A screen mirroring, video conferencing, and digital white-boarding device – all packed into one small and fancy gizmo: that’s Hello 2 in a nutshell. The device couples to your television and turns it into the aforementioned, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues or peers using built-in apps such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Team, and the like. What’s more is that it comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-operated commands, and also features end-to-end encryption, 4K HDR video output, and an app to go along with it all. Get it from for RO172.9.

3) Connecting People

Touted as the go-to application for long-distance communications, Internet telephony (VoIP) software Skype initially rose to fame in 2003 as one of the most prominent platforms to offer video-calling solutions. Since then, the list of functions has been expanded. The software can now make calls and send messages, although the former requires the need for in-app credit. Introduced to the world as peer-to-peer software relying on its users’ internet to root its services, the boffins made the bold switch in 2016 to run it on its own (dedicated) servers to increase pace and stability. This means Skype is better than ever before. You can download the app for free on your PC, Mac, tablet computer or smartphone.

4) On Point

Gone are the days of over-softened, sub-par video feeds – cameras on smartphones have almost exclusively taken over online video conferencing. While there’s a plethora of options to choose from, on top of them all lies the OnePlus 6T – a budget phone that packs the specs to dethrone even the top players from Samsung and Apple. On the front of it lies a 16-megapixel Sony Exmor front camera that can record at 1080p and 30fps. But, what makes the phone truly special is how it can provide an almost webcam-like experience without oversaturating or over-processing the video footage during live transmission. Buy this phone from for RO210.

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