Glam (Yourself) Up With These 4 Beauty Gadgets

27 Jan 2019
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad tries out devices designed to deliver some verve to your visage.

1) Personal Beautician

Alright, it isn’t a personal beautician but it’s the closest you will get to having one without shelling out a hefty salary to a professional. The device, named Temptu, makes airbrushing a tad easier. It does so by spraying a thin and even layer of foundation on to your face to give it the perfect contouring effect. Not only does this take away the need for brushes, it eliminates contact with germs that tend to lurk in makeup kits. More importantly, it will save you a heap of money with its stingy and rather efficient use of foundation. Buy this device from for RO80.

2) Anti-Ageing

Age is just a number. But there’s no denying that the belief – how the wrinkles on one’s face tell your life story to the world – can come across as true. Still, if you’re battling to keep in touch with your youth, give the Foreo Luna a try. This device, despite its weird looks and shape, can work miracles in cleansing your face and revitalising your skin. Aside from that, it reverberates T-Sonic pulsations to help exfoliate your face and keep your skin looking radiant. Then there’s the soft silicone brush that gently removes dead skin cells, makeup residue, and clogged pores. All of this is comes in a colourful package, with a two-year warranty. Get yours from for RO83.2.

3) Self-care

A toothbrush that has the finesse to make a fashion statement: that’s what the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is all about. Pretence aside, the device does look stunning; at least in the gold-and-white finish it comes as standard. Of course, it does what a regular toothbrush can do – and takes it one step ahead. The electric motor and the AdaptiveClean brush head combo helps remove up to 10-times more plaque than a regular toothbrush. It also comes with deep cleaning, which offers an extended three-minute brush time to help get rid of even the most concealed germs. At RO138 it’s expensive. Get it from

Editor’s Pick

4) Light Therapy

The DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro looks like a device straight out of a Marvel movie; like something a diabolical villain such as the Green Goblin would wear. But there’s nothing vile about the technology used in this innovative full-face model wearable device. Within the mask lies an array of 100 red LED lights that are programmed to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, sun damage and redness, and an additional 62 blue LEDs to destroy acne once and for all. Two weeks is all it’ll take to show visible improvements but it comes at a cost; RO213 to be specific. Buy it from

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