Check Out These 4 Gadgets That Are Made Out Of Recycled Products

03 Jan 2019
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Y Geek Squad editor, Alvin Thomas, takes a look at the latest trend – eco-friendly devices that deliver on performance.

1) More than just hot air

Apple’s on a roll now – and for once we won’t be following that up with a joke. After becoming the first company to run their manufacturing on 100 per cent recycled energy, they’re now extending the cause to their products as well. The MacBook Air, Apple’s smallest laptop, will now come with 100 per cent recycled aluminium. While this allows for a sizeable chunk of the world’s electronic aluminium discards to be cleaned up, refurbished, and then moulded to be used as Macs, it won’t be addressing the issue posed by the greater of the evils: used soda cans. Either way, the device will come packing a 13.3-inch Retina display, an 8th Gen Intel dual-core i5 processor, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Get a well-specced variant of the laptop for about RO500 from LuLu Electronics.

2) The perfect duo


If you’re looking for a fashionable if a bit eco-friendly keyboard-mouse duo, then look no further – the Natural Bamboo set by Blue Bambu is the way to go ahead. As the name suggests, both devices are crafted out of bamboo, save for a small metal bottom holding the electronic board and power supply in place. It’s also not as polished to use as, say, a mechanical keyboard from this era but the membrane-style keyboard still holds its own when compared to chiclet-style laptop keyboards. How you use the device is up to you. However, when paired with a PC, it still warrants respect as something more than a novelty gizmo with collectors’ status. Buy this for RO23 from

3) Watch out

The hand-crafted Foremast Silver Choco Wood Watch made by WeWood, an Australian company specialising in wooden timepieces, won’t be giving your run-of-the-mill Swiss giants a run for their money. But, there’s no telling how much longer plastic and steel watches will survive. The watch will come packing a premium Miyota skeleton automatic movement – a tried-and-tested Japanese movement – and an elastic wooden strap that can fit most wrists with ease. What’s more, the wood on the watch will be treated to be hypoallergenic and brushed to avoid any unwanted splinters. It’s all yours for RO149.8 from

4) House of Marley

There are many reasons to believe that it was the folks from the House of Marley who were among the first to include green initiatives into their products – in this case, headphones. While that makes the brand the leaders in eco-friendly audio solutions, it also raises the question: why aren’t other manufacturers following suit? These Buffalo Soldier BT headphones come encrusted in a wooden housing, which is further enforced by 60-per cent bio-engineered plastic. The device provides top-class sound quality, with equally excellent bass and treble reproduction from the onset; and admirable build quality, courtesy braided cables. Oh, and for those concerned about the environment, the company will plant a tree for each one it cuts down. Get yours from for RO57.75

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