Asphalt 9: Legends – Flawed But Still The King Of Smartphone Gaming

20 Jan 2019
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It’s game on as the Y Geek Squad tackles the latest in the legendary series, and it’s as exacting and exhilarating as ever.

An arcade racing game backed by processor-slurping graphics, heavy metal music, flashing neon lights that draw an all-encompassing street-racing atmosphere, and a flurry of supercars to smash into a million bits. That’s what Asphalt 9: Legends is all about.

Sitting on top of the smartphone gaming chain as one of the most graphic-intensive games of all time, Asphalt 9 follows the footsteps of its predecessors while staying ahead of rival games that barely scratch the surface.

Maybe that’s what makes this ninth instalment in the series a masterpiece.

Once you’re hooked, there’s no coming back – even if you’re not an arcade racing game aficionado.

Everything from the controls, to the tactics and silly unprincipled moments the game presents you with must be grabbed. There’s no shame in rear-ending a million dollar Pagani Zonda with your nitrous-powered Nissan 370Z to take pole position.

That’s also what’s expected from you to progress through your career. Multiplayer modes will throw you head on into the world of unforgiving racers – all hungry to crush your car into fragments to earn in-game currencies and unlock new upgrades, and eventually, faster cars.

Progressing through the game is easy, as often, you’ll find yourself winning races; only to come face-to-face with real challengers as you hit experienced racers in the latter stages of the game.

There’s a physics engine lying somewhere underneath all the mayhem too but really, there’s no time to appreciate what the developers have spent hundreds of hours working on. Asphalt 9 is – much like its predecessors – a fast-paced game.

Races can last anywhere between two to five minutes and you’ll be presented with plenty of chances to fix mistakes made in the earlier stages of the game. Also, sliding into the top spots are easy if you stumble into boost packs and armour shields to massacre any nearby opponents; those who will take you down if you don’t act in time.

Basic controls are taken care by the AI that will keep you within the racing line. You’re only expected to adjust if you want to slipstream your opponents or side swipe on of them to send them veering into a wall.

In all, Asphalt 9: Legends is a spectacular game that offers hundreds of hours of gaming pleasure that’s only constrained by the fact that it’s limited to your smartphone, and how it keeps things monetised: with in-game purchases.

Asphalt 9: Legends Info Box

Developer: Gameloft

Engines: Bullet, Jet Engine

Genre: Arcade racing

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows PC

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