2040 Vision Document Open For Change: Talal Al Rahbi

30 Jan 2019
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The document that outlines the future scenarios for Oman is open for change, according to His Excellency Talal Al Rahbi – Deputy Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Head of the Technical Committee of the Oman 2040 future vision.

“Anybody who has an alternative suggestion to the Vision document, or has a replacement to any of the pillars, papers or terms, the opportunity to do so is open,” said Al Rahbi during the 2040 Vision Conference on Sunday.

So, what’s in the document – and how does it forecast the future of Oman?


Currently, expat workforce makes nearly 90 per cent of total private sector employees in Oman. Latest figures show that more than 1.7 million expatriates occupy jobs in the private sector against 251,000 Omanis. The 2040 Vision indicates that by 2030, Omanis share of private sector jobs will reach 40 per cent, and 42 per cent in 2040.

The Preliminary Vision indicated that the rate of skilled labour in the private sector will jump from current 58 per cent to 81 per cent in the next 10 years.

Life expectancy

Healthy life expectancy at birth is predicted to rise from 65.6 in 2016 to 70 years by 2040. In 2016, Oman was ranked 84 out of 183 countries in healthy life expectancy at birth.


Non-oil revenue-to-GDP ratio is also expected to rise from the current 9.5 per cent to 17 per cent in 2030.

The Sultanate is currently ranked 63rd in e-Government Development Index. As per the Vision, Oman aims at being ranked among the top 10 countries by 2040.

Read the complete document here:  https://www.2040.om/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2040-Preliminary-Vision-Document-En.pdf

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