Top Digital Gadget-Stuffers for Christmas

08 Dec 2018
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Looking to unwrap some good ‘ol hardware under the tree this festive season? The Y Geek Squad brings you our top picks to help smooth out your holiday shopping.

1) A Virtual Reality Christmas

Christmas shopping can be a drag. From kids who’d rather make do with PlayStations and Xboxes than your painstakingly-baked plum cake to adults who think they’re still 12 and still demand model trains, there’s quite a lot to sift through before you can settle on a gift. But that’s where the Samsung Gear VR Headset with Controller comes in handy – it’s a one-size-fits-all gizmo that should sit well with those of all ages. From engrossing movies featured in Samsung’s store to hair-raising horror games and other indulging visual content, the device has it all. What’s more, the lightweight and durable device now packs a controller to ease navigation once you’re all locked and loaded – and it won’t break your bank. Get it from LuLu Electronics for RO45.

2) With Love From 1960

The sound of Judy Garland crackling through your father’s record player – it probably signaled the arrival of Christmas back in the day. The good times may have passed but you can recapture them. This Fender Newport may be just a simple Bluetooth speaker – but it resembles a classic 1960s amplifier so much that we’re wishing we could hook it up to an electronic record player and get cranking (figuratively, of course!). Everything from the pastel-shade colour to the witch hat-inspired knobs inspire a sense of dated tech. With its two woofers, tweeter, and 12-hour-strong battery pack; it’s no slouch. In fact, it could put modern-day speakers to shame. It’s all yours from for RO60 (ouch!)

3) One Step Click

Aah, the pain of clicking a dud; the youth of today will never know about that, will they? With laser-guided and zero-lag shutter smartphones, cameras of today may have replaced home photography for good. But for those looking to instil a sense of the 1990s, they can do so with this rather interesting gadget – the Polaroid Onestep+ –  an instant camera. It does exactly what it says on the tin: click photos and prints them out instantly on a small piece of paper. Unlike the cameras of old, though, this one will – fortunately or unfortunately (depending on the type of person you are) – make use of your smartphone as the trigger. It will also add a few photo modes for added effect. However, the underlying theory of instant unprocessed and analogue photos still stands true, here. The camera, complete with a set of photo papers, will set you back RO75 from

Editor’s Pick

4) Cast Your Pick

Being able to cozy up with your loved ones this Christmas over some classic flicks means the Google Chromecast 3 isn’t just the perfect gift for you but for everyone around you. It’s the gizmo that has revolutionised modern-day television – you can now stream all of your favourite movies, television series, videos, songs, channels, and anything your regular set-top box can do for a fraction of the cost. What’s more is that this third-generation gadget can make use of your high-speed internet to play 4K videos and even mirror content on your smartphone or laptop without loss of content. Setting up the device is as simple as plugging it into the HDMI port of your television and syncing it with your smartphone – it really is the exemplification of plug-and-play. The device will only set you back RO21 from LuLu Electronics. Perfect Christmas gift? We think so.

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