4 Revolutionary Gizmos That Are A Must-Have In Every Kitchen

15 Dec 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad tries out four devices that help deliver creative genius in the culinary department.

1) Water, Water, Everywhere

They say that you can’t put a price on life. That said, the UCE-9000 Under-Counter Water Ionizer is an expensive piece of tech that can come across as a bit unnecessary yet, to the discerning customer looking for clean ionised water, this is gold. The swanky-looking device harbours nine platinum plates to ensure that users receive acidic or alkaline water for drinking, cleaning, sterilising and disinfecting surfaces. It also comes with “ultra-plus” filtration, with dual filters, which will remove contaminants such as sediments, chlorine, chloramines and metals from your water. This can be especially useful for those cleaning pesticides and herbicides off vegetables. Get yours from tyentusa.com for RO1,115.

2) Flame King

Arguably one of the greatest cooking gadgets of all time, these aptly- named Flame King Hybrid BBQ Temperature Tongs are exactly what the meat-loving, PETA-dissing carnivores that love serving up their catches on grills want. Not only will the tongs get you fixed up on a good meal, they will also make sure your meat is done just right, with its array of temperature sensors placed on the forks. They call them digital tongs, which we think may be dragging it a bit too far – but it may very well be right. There’s a large LCD display that will display the temperature of the food, and you can also choose the kind of meat you’re grilling. Rest assured, you won’t be upsetting Gordon Ramsay-wannabes with cold grills anymore. Get this from amazon.com for RO8.

3) Connected Cooking

Be it preparing rice or a nice bowl of hot stew, there’s a distinct difference when it’s slow cooked. But, let’s face it: no one has the time to do that anymore. Enter the Crock-Pot WeMo – a slow cooker that can be controlled via your smartphone, and the cooker is connected to WiFi. You can control everything from the cooking time to the temperature using the WeMo application that you can download for your phone. The device itself is large and should be able to cook large cuts of meat and veggies. All of this will set you back RO143 from amazon.com.

4) Get Smart

Soon, there will come a point in time when we’ll draw a line when it comes to adding fancy tech to kitchen equipment. Until then, these gadgets will only get smarter. Case in point is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The ubiquitous name aside (how many times have we seen a ‘Family Hub’?), Samsung has, quite literally, revamped the refrigerator – yes, the same appliance you store your food in. The usual cooling and freezing capabilities aside, the gizmo comes with cameras to let you monitor your food regularly via the large touchscreen display. This allows you to create shopping lists accordingly, provide you with recipe recommendations, stream music and order food online. A genuine masterpiece but one that makes us question if these features are really necessary. Buy it from LuLu Electronics for RO1,730 (ouch!).

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