Why Zanta Spa is the ultimate tranquil escape

29 Nov 2018
POSTED BY Ashlee Starratt

When life hands you lemons, head to the spa. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the adage goes but what we do know is that after a particularly stressful day or hectic week we all deserve a little ‘me time’. So what better way to get pampered than to indulge in an afternoon at the spa? Therefore, it’s with relaxation in mind that we find ourselves, for the first time, at the Grand Millennium Muscat’s zen-like Zanta Spa for two-and-a-half-hours of bliss in the form of their Ginger Renewal treatment.

Split into male and female wings, with an adjoining couples’ treatment room in the middle, its décor is cool, earthen and grotto-like with wood, marble and stone elements rooting its aesthetic in nature while decorative touches such as carved stone urns are a nod to the influence of the Orient.

After being escorted to their locker area and dressing room we take a quick peek around the facilities. A fully-stocked ladies’ gym opens up off the foyer area, while at the back of the space the wet-room boasts a large whirlpool Jacuzzi, sauna and steam-rooms for pre- and post-treatment relaxation. After a quick change we nip out to the relaxation room to await our therapist. More meditation chamber than room, its cavernous walls stretch up to the ceiling while undulating chaise longues allow you to recline in style while sipping on a fresh cup of herbal tea.

The treatment room is equally serene – dimly-lit with stone-work floor and walls that add extra sound-proofing to maximise repose. The Ginger Renewal treatment is one of Zanta Spa’s signature specialties and involves the use of ginger essence in the oils and scrubs used for a revitalising and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. The 150-minute-long treatment is done in three parts beginning with a full-body scrub, followed by a head-to-toe body massage, and a customised facial.

The scrub is lush and invigorating, and our therapist who hails from Bali uses traditional techniques to exfoliate the skin in long strokes. The ginger essence from the scrub fills the air with its scent, and a quick shower afterwards to remove any residue leaves our skin baby soft and glowing.

The relaxation body massage that follows is equally heavenly, as refreshing ginger oils are used to moisturise the skin and evoke a tranquil state of mind. Before the treatment we’re asked if there are any areas of concentration we’d like the therapist to focus on. Our neck, shoulders, and lower back are given extra attention and pressure (too much sitting at a desk on deadline can have a cumulative effect on the muscles!).

To wrap up what’s been thus far a sheer blissful experience, is a facial treatment tailored to our skin type. It begins with a gentle jasmine cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, followed by a serum to calm our combination dry/oily skin. After a quick steam session to open the pores, the therapist easily extracts those pesky blackheads and blemishes. This is followed by another quick cleanse to reduce any redness, and then a blissful cranio-facial massage using – you guessed it – ginger essential oils to further reduce puffiness and inflammation. After the massage our therapist applies a Kerstin Florian Rehydrating Algae Gel Mask for an extra injection of moisture, finishing up with an SPF eye-cream and lip moisturiser.

Afterwards, we bask in the post-treatment glow, knowing we can put a fresh face forward for the rest of the day ahead. If you’re looking for a tranquil escape in the heart of the city, Zanta Spa ticks all the boxes when it comes to a sense of rejuvenation paired with quality of facilities and service.


Ginger Renewal Treatment

Location: Zanta Spa, Grand Millennium Muscat,

Dohat al Adab Street, Al Khuwair

Duration: 150 minutes

Price: RO58

Contact: (+968) 2230-2275






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