Top 5 Games With Girl Power

03 Nov 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

With more women leading action movies, it’s only fair that games follow suit. Here, the Y Geek Squad offers five of its favourites.

1) Tomb Raider

Character: Lara Croft

From a screen siren to a powerful character delivering a strong message – that women can conquer lands and lead the charge against enemies in war – Lara Croft from the ironic Tomb Raider series has come a long way. Today, the archaeologist’s quests form the crux of powerful women in the gaming arena. Storylines are centred around her adventures exploring new lands in search of lost artefacts while infiltrating tombs, ancient ruins, and taking down terrorist organisations. Gone are the days (from 1996) when Lara would be seen scampering around her mansion in a tank top and with two pistols in her hand. Now, her roles are more mature – she must play the role of a survivalist; a woman building her reputation from scratch, all while procuring raw materials to handcraft weapons to safeguard the people of the villages from the evil around them.

2) The Last of Us

Character: Ellie

While it’s true that Ellie lives under the shadow of protagonist Joel, the 14-year-old girl is far from being a damsel in distress. In fact, there’s much to her character that draws into the core of the survivalist game. On the face of things, Ellie’s a naïve and subdued young girl who hasn’t experienced the (virus-infested) Earth in its entirety. No war is fought alone, and Joel and Ellie form the perfect allies, even if her understanding of the world is completely different to that of ours. Despite that,  a 40-odd-year-old-man constantly finds himself taking tips in determination from Ellie. Not to forget: by the end of it all, Ellie turns into a resilient force in their fight for survival.

3) Assassin’s Creed

Character: Aveline de Grandpré

Let’s cut to the chase: an Afro-Caribbean Frenchwoman taking the lead in an Assassin’s Creed game did not sit well with many fans. Such an attempt, as you would’ve guessed, was the first of its kind. Aveline plays the lead role in the game – taking us with her to 18th Century USA, where she fights Templars to free slaves. Her superpowers include a sixth sense, which allows her to tell her foes from her friends. The game blew, but Aveline’s message was one noted for its significance.

4) Beyond Good & Evil

Character: Jade

Jade is arguably the world’s friendliest protagonist unless you mess with her. Taking the role of a freelance photojournalist, she aims to make a difference to society. Her works include rescuing abandoned children and supporting them financially, and also going head-to-head with the government to expose corrupt officials. In addition to her daily job, Jade must also attack enemies and lead the charge against the dishonest.

5) Metal Gear Solid 3

Character: The Boss

Tough, calculative, and an unmatched fighter: The Boss, who’s also known as the ‘Mother of Special Forces’, is a renowned American soldier and the founder of the Cobra Unit – a team formed to fight the Axis Powers in World War II. She also played crucial roles in garnering intelligence during the Cold War. That said, in the game, she plays an antagonist that gives power to her own disciple, Snake, to eventually kill her.

She’s an all-encompassing military figure – and her decision to die at the hands of one of her own students has an ulterior motive; one that ends up saving the human race.

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