New Cafés Every Coffee Lover In Oman Needs To Try Out!

08 Nov 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Instant, French-press, percolated, or cold-brewed – coffee is the most-consumed beverage on the planet, second only to water.

Here in the Arab world, its roots run deep, as in A.D. 800 an Arabian shepherd named Khalid and his dancing goats were the first to discover the cherry-red berries while grazing in the shrub, according to folklore.

True or not, without a doubt, coffee, or ‘qahwa’ in Arabic, became an intrinsic part of Arab culture. It was after all, the Arabs who brought the jolting brew to the rest of the world as, wherever Islam spread, coffee followed.

It’s no surprise then that some of the most innovative boutique coffeehouses are cropping up all over the GCC from Dubai to Doha, Manama to Abu Dhabi – and Muscat is no exception. Here are two of our faves to look out for!

% Arabica

This hipster hotspot in Shatti Al Qurum is all about minimalist vibes and maximum roasted flavour. Sprouting from a tiny flagship shop in Kyoto, Japan in 2014, % Arabica now has cafés in 11 countries worldwide, with another five coming up. Known for their deeply-rich espressos, sultry pour-overs, and roasted beans to order, their approach to the perfect brew is nothing less than artisanal. We especially love their iced matcha latté.

Location: Sayh Al Malih Street,

Shatti Al Qurum

Timings: Sat-Thurs: 7am till 11pm.

Fri: 8am till midnight.

Contact: (+968) 2457-3200

@arabica.oman (Instagram & Facebook)

Dose Café

While it’s not open yet, we’re super-excited for this Kuwaiti export to start percolating at Al Mouj as it gets set to open its first branch in Oman. With its industrial-chic interiors adorned with chemical compositions for the perfect brew, its speciality is quality-crafted coffee, cup-after-cup, with quick service. Paired with one of their scrumptious pastries and you’ll be wishing it was always break-time!

Location: The Walk, Al Mouj, Al Seeb

Contact: @dose_cafee (Twitter & Instagram)

Do It Yourself: Iced Vanilla Latte

(Vegetarian, gluten-free)


• ½ cup vanilla syrup/extract

• ½ cup strong coffee

• 1 cup milk or cream

• 1 scoop ice cubes 


• Simply mix all ingredients together, adjusting to your taste and the strength that you like your coffee. Make it a Frappuccino by blending the mixture with the ice cubes – or simply sip it on the rocks.


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