Gadgets That Take Graphic Designing To The Next Level

18 Nov 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad tries out some of the latest gadgets that go that extra mile for creative types.

Pro Tech

If you’re looking for a powerful laptop with supporting specifications for designing then look no further, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is the gizmo for you. But if you think of Microsoft as a sub-par operating system to work on, you’re better off with this all-metal monstrosity – the Apple MacBook Pro. It packs a lot of heat underneath the aluminium chassis, core of which is a 2.6Ghz six-core 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and a Radeon Pro 560X graphic card. The results truly speak for themselves – the new 15-inch MacBook Pro is by far the quickest portable Mac for designers and video editors to work on. Also, it has a cool touch bar on the top that substitutes 14 buttons and adds an adaptive screen to display all necessary hotkeys, which we truly adore. Our only concern would be the RO1,200 price tag, from Apple store.

Perfect Palette

Have you ever looked at your mouse and muttered to yourself: “Boy, how I wish this came with more buttons”? If so, we suppose your frustrations (and prayers) have been heard – and voila, here’s the Palette. While it looks like something a kid would probably play with, these bricks with buttons, wheels, and sliders come with connectors that will enable you to create a complex work keyboard dedicated to a few tasks. This means, you can now assign pre-determined duties to these – which can be used for your tasks (e.g. adjusting the contrast on a photo or splicing videos) ¬– without the need for dragging a mouse. Gimmick? Yes. But those who use the device can boast positive results. Get your starter kit for RO77 from

Gesture Control

We won’t lie. We’re a bit frustrated and flummoxed by the fact that our RO1,200 MacBook won’t come with a functional touchscreen monitor. But, it seems we’re not alone – and that has resulted in the birth of this gadget, the Leap Motion Controller. Not only does it turn your regular Apple (or even Windows) laptop or desktop into a touchscreen unit, but also gives it a functional screen with gesture controls. So, you can even swipe, slide, and do what you like without having to touch the glass. The small device makes use of the ‘Leap Motion’ software to track your movements and comes with an impressive 150-degrees field of view. Buy yours from for RO28.8.

Editor’s Pick

Mobile Studio

Simple, sleek, and above all else, functional: this Wacom MobileStudio Pro is every designer, video editor or architect’s dream packed into a small plastic body shell. The device comes packing an Intel i7 processor, 16gb RAM, a stunning 16-inch wide 4K display and a 3-dimensional camera to scan objects. To sum up the whole package, Wacom’s in-house Pro Pen 2 will help you pen down all your designs and thoughts in great detail. There’s nothing else out there with such precision and portability, so it comes at a price – a very hefty price: RO970 to be precise. Buy it from

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