Top Tips To Age With Grace

17 Oct 2018
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So, you’re noticing a little snow on the peak? We bring you some sterling styles that will definitely have you going grey with grace.

Remember when celebrity Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair lilac-grey? Or when US stylist Stacy London made the silver-streak her ultimate fashion accessory years before that? What was once an unwelcome fact of life has now become a symbol for empowered fashionistas of any age.

Here are some style tips to help you rock it:

1) Head to the salon

If you’ve dyed your hair and decided that those constant root touch-ups just aren’t worth the cost and hassle, a visit to your stylist is a must. Do you want to keep your greys, cover them up fully, or blend them with another shade? Talking to your hairdresser can help you find a style, cut and shade that works best for you. Don’t try going it alone!

2) To chop or not to chop

If you’ve been a lifelong colour addict, the options are essentially to continue dyeing to cover up or to grow out your greys while undergoing a series of strategic cuts. If you do continue to go down the colour route, try and avoid boxed dyes as much as possible and stick with a professional colourist. Or, if you just can’t stand the thought of waiting for your colour to grow out, try letting your grey roots come in as much as possible and then go for a shorter cut or a pixie cut that will let your silver tresses grow in fully.

3) Not all hair products are the same

This is especially true when looking after your silver mane. Grey hair can easily turn brassy or ‘yellowed’ when using products that aren’t meant for its condition. It can also be prone to dryness and frizz. Help maintain a fresh, silvery allure by using purple shampoo or conditioner to offset any brassiness. We love L’Oreal’s Serie Expert Silver Shampoo.

4) Be fearlessly bold

Taking the leap to go grey is a big step. But this hallmark of ageing doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace your youth with a cut and style that keeps it modern. Also, now that your hair is essentially colourless, that means amping up your look by going bold in other ways. Be creative! Try punchy lipstick hues, vibrant jewellery and accessories, and a wardrobe that showcases your youthful spirit with styles, colours, and patterns that reflect the inner you.    

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