Top 6 Costumes For Kids That Are In Right Now!

25 Oct 2018
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Cooler weather means making more effort to keep your kids both warm and looking good. Wrap up your little lads in some great-looking and fashionable gear that can withstand the worst of fall weather.

What kid doesn’t love a hoodie? You won’t object to him wearing this; the slogan on the front is cool without being uncouth, and this jersey-lined jogging top comes in four colours. This one is a snip at RO6 from H&M.


Getting your son to wear sensible shoes outside of school is a battle you won’t win, so splash out on a pair of stylish but sturdy trainers with plenty of ankle support and a solid rubber sole, such as this pair from GapKids, which are RO9.6.

Keep the chill out and the lid on any nasty colds as we all know most body heat is lost through the head. This beanie hat has a turn-up brim, a funky label and comes in three colours. You’ll find it at ZARA for RO4.90.

The camo trend doesn’t seem to be over as yet, and as boys like to indulge in military-style manoeuvres, what’s not to like? These soft-knit pants are both funky and flexible; with an elasticated waist, drawstick tie and three pockets. They come in at RO9.6, from GapKids.

There was a time when a multi-coloured scarf was a must, as a former Dr Who was never seen without one. Still, times move on (the doctor is now a woman) but this knit scarf is still the business for seeing off sore throats. It costs RO8.90, from ZARA.

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