These 4 Gadgets Are Pushing The Boundaries of Artificial Intelligence

18 Oct 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

In our digital do-it-all world, Team Y finds some AI devices that really deliver.

1) Smart Home

The Google Home is synonymous with AI – and rightly so, due to its wide range of practical uses. The home assistant makes use of a microphone, a set of speakers, and Google’s legendary and ever-growing database to provide you with the best user experience that you can possibly attain from a portable device. Underneath the slick exterior lies a setup that can conduct tasks such as playing music, carrying out web searches, switching on the lights or a/c in your home, among several other tasks. It also learns your voice, actions, and routines to tailor your results. Buy yours from for RO50.

2) The Editor

Just a decade ago, Artificial Intelligence, which is commonly abbreviated as ‘AI’, was taboo. Today, everything from our smartphones to our cameras comes pre-loaded with added virtual assistance. While the technology may not be enough to progress with the annihilation of humankind as yet, it has come on in leaps and bounds in day-to-day use. This Graava video camera incorporates some rather interesting tech inside: it uses sophisticated AI algorithms to identify and automatically edit the best moments of your footage without you having to pan through hours of footage. In essence, this is the most cost-effective video editor your RO96 can buy. Get it from

3) Personal Assistant

A personal butler that would tend to your needs but not cost as much as one: that would be the dream. We’re not undermining the job of a butler, but AI devices such as the Mycroft Mark 2 are slowly adapting to our everyday needs – thereby eliminating the need for a personal butler. This device makes use of AI to communicate with the devices in your home – like the door locks, air-conditioners, security cameras, refrigerator, and even your stove – and makes your life easier. It can also conduct simple tasks such as setting up an alarm and play you a personalised message on the day that lays ahead. This nifty piece of gadget is all yours for RO72 from

4) Pixel Perfect

“AI in a phone (?) That’s not really original,” one might say. But, we’d like to argue that AI technology, in its most primitive form, performs best on a smartphone – as is seen on the all-new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. After it broke onto the scene just last week, the device has been placed under the scanner for its controversial looks, which is led by the large black notch on the top of the screen. And there’s no other way to put it: it’s ugly! That said, Google’s latest creation sits as the pinnacle of smart devices, currently. Sure, it’s only a phone, but its AI brain is unprecedented. It all comes to life via a brilliant 12.2MP 28mm f/1.8 camera that sits snugly on the back of the device. This can then make use of features such as ‘Top Shot’, which can capture alternate shots in HDR+ and then endorse the best one from the sequence. More importantly, it can make use of live imaging for functions to provide translations, object details, location, and so on. Buy it from for RO308

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