What is being done to prevent bullying at schools in Oman?

05 Sep 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman, talks about what steps can be taken to prevent bullying in schools.

We now know that bullying in schools can take many forms, even going beyond school premises to homes, cyberspace and social media etc. On this issue, Indian Schools in Oman has taken an active and vigilant stand to tackle this issue at various levels.

We have been undertaking many initiatives within our schooling system to create awareness among children, teachers, counsellors and parents; to monitor, prevent and report such instances; to encourage open communication with our counsellors and teachers if such instances are noted or reported; and to prevent repeated instances through counselling and other means.

Our focus is not just in preventing the act of bullying but also to prevent the actions that lead to bullying.

Some of the initiatives are at individual school level. One such example is the “We Care” initiative at Indian School Muscat which aims to resolve this through student engagement and open dialogues. Our recently-introduced tele-counselling service, on the other hand, is a service that works across Oman and offers all Indian School students the expertise and availability of counsellors to overcome their fears and concerns, including the psychological impact of bullying.

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