Top tips to keep your hair looking flawless

05 Sep 2018
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What to do when considering a new hue for your do? Here are our top tips to keep in mind when getting your tresses treated.

To say all hair is created equal is a thin thread – no pun intended. And while some of us might be slaves to the foil every few months – or, venturing into uncharted treatment territory for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind when going to town on your tresses. 

The following might be worth chatting about with your stylist:

1) Home maintenance

The number one question to ask yourself before colour-committing is – is it manageable? Are you going from jet black to bleach-blonde? Do you have the time, budget, and access to products to maintain your colour and care for chemically-treated hair? Easy home maintenance can help you minimise brassiness if you’ve gone blonde, and to help your hair from becoming too dry.

2) Lifestyle

We don’t realise the wear-and-tear we put our hair through each and every day – most of it owing to the kind of lifestyle we lead. We blow-dry, curl, and straighten it daily, exposing it to continual heat damage – or the chemical harshness of chlorine every time we take a dip in the pool. All of these can change the colour of your hair dye and affect how often you need to visit the salon for a touch-up.  

3) In-salon treatments

For those chronic colourists or those who’ve simply gone a little overboard with the product overload, considering a keratin treatment leading up to your colour correction or touch-up is worthwhile. Not only are these protein-based hair treatments a great way to boost the condition of your hair, they’re also a fabulous way to get in some pampering ‘me’-time with a toe-curling scalp massage at the salon!

4) Get a strand test

This is where your stylist will remove small strands of hair from different areas of your head and put them through some rigorous colour tests to see how your tresses hold up to chemical processing. Poor results lead to hair breakage, in which case further colour treatments would not be recommended.

5) For the DIY-ers

Something to keep in mind when grabbing that box of L’Oréal off the shelf – the shade you see on the front of the box will only turn out that way on hair that’s never been dyed before and is a shade lighter than what’s already shown. It’s no wonder then that we hear about so many at-home horror stories. Your best bet (and best friend!) is always your stylist.

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