Top 4 smart and eco-friendly gadgets of 2018

19 Sep 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

From eco-friendly speakers to energy-saving thermostats, the Y Geek Squad picks some of the coolest ecological devices around.

1) Power-free slow cooker

The power-free slow cooker from Wonderbag is one of the coolest inventions this year. The bag does not require a battery, plug or even electricity. If you have plans to go camping with friends, this is a useful item to buy. How does it work? Stick your ingredients into a pan, bring everything to the boil and remove from the heat. You can then wrap up the bag, and its heat retention design keeps your meal cooking for up to 12 hours. Buy from Amazon for RO25.  

2) Solar phone charger

You can keep your home eco-friendly any way you like but when you’re travelling, it’s harder. If you’re charging your mobile with an electric socket, then here’s how you can make it eco-friendly. Buy a PowerPlus Camel 3 Watt Multi item and keep your phone charged all-day without connecting it to a socket. The PowerPlus charger works on solar energy. To charge, simply face the panel towards the sun, and connect your mobile device with its USB cable. You can also charge your powerbank at the same time. Buy it directly from PowerPlus for RO13.

3) Bamboo speaker 

If you want to listen to music in an eco-friendly manner, then buy the iBamboo speaker. Made from the ultimate eco-material, bamboo; it amplifies your phone’s sound without any power. The speaker consists of a piece of bamboo, open on both ends and is built in a way that allows you to place the speaker on a flat space and insert your phone at the top. Buy from Amazon for RO12. 

4) Smart thermostat

If you’re planning to make your home eco-friendly, then start by saving energy. Gadgets like the smart thermostat from Nest can control the temperature of your home according to your choice. The Nest thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature. You can also control the thermostat by connecting it to your smart phone. Buy it from Amazon for RO82. 

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