The ultimate 2018 fall season look for men!

27 Sep 2018
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Gents keep yourselves looking dapper as the temperature dips with these fall-for-it looks from H&M that will fit into every wardrobe, says Gemma Harrison.

We know baggy knitwear is ‘in’ this autumn but let’s not make your man look like a weather-beaten, windswept Swedish trawlerman. Try this shawl collar jumper. It’s great with black jeans or more formal trousers if you’re going out for dinner. It costs RO12.99

My hubby likes denim shirts but I’d rather he didn’t look like Robert Plant circa 1973. Therefore, providing he NEVER wears jeans with this shirt but dockers or casual trousers instead then he can’t go far wrong. It also has two breast pockets for his wallet and knick-knacks. Buy this one for RO10.99

Can a man over 40 wear jeans? Well, yes, but not skinny, flared, patched at the knee, distressed, below-the-waist or light-blue. It’s better to stick to grey or navy blue and straight-legged. It’s still OK to turn them up a little at the bottom, providing you don’t look as if you’re about to go paddling near the nearest wadi. This pair costs RO15.99

Pulling off a check jacket can be hard if you don’t want him to look like his grandfather. But with one button at the front, decorative buttons on the cuff, and a single back vent, this is a funky take on the traditional. Don’t be put off by a skinny fit, either. Simply go up one chest size and he’s good to go. RO49.99

Ok, autumn in Oman is not the same as it is for our cousins in Europe. The irony is, Sweden, by virtue of retail powerhouse H&M, is still the perfect place to kit my husband out, and if I do so online then I’ll be spared all that moaning I inevitably get when I drag him round the mall. So here are some tips for styling your man’s wardrobe for the (admittedly less) demanding fall weather in Oman, starting from outside in, with this Pea coat; versatile, smart and so easy to just throw on over almost anything. It costs RO49.99

Yes, rust/camel-coloured chinos have been with us a few years now but they’re not over, yet. A pair of these should be a staple in your man’s wardrobe, and this slick, smart pair will match just about everything he’s got. And ladies, when you’re in a hurry, that’s no bad thing. This pair costs RO12.99

This is the footwear that never seems to go out of style, and can be worn on almost any occasion, with almost any pair of trousers. What’s not to like about the good old Chelsea boot? This charcoal-grey pair comes in imitation suede and with that all-important loop at the back! This pair costs RO20.99


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