The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

19 Sep 2018
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Is the new ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ up to the task of carrying on the legacy of this iconic franchise? The Y Geek Squad heads to Hyrule to find out

Believe it or not: The Legend of Zelda series has always benefitted from something of a cult status among gamers; and one that’s almost as strong as the (grotesque) My Little Pony community on Reddit. So, when Nintendo, its developer, went on to change the original formula for 2018, it definitely raised a few eyebrows – ours included.

It’s debatable, though, whether this change – one that has happened for the first time in its three decades of existence – is worthy enough to sit in the Zelda lineup.

Be that as it may, the game makes a strong return to form, while still making a giant leap into new and unmarked territory, for the first time since, say, 1991.

Yes, it still caters to the needs of gamers looking for a true and authentic action/adventure title, but here’s the main disparity: the game takes a new approach to design and in-game physics to create something truly phenomenal. 

Authenticity or refinement: it’s a choice you must make. Regardless, the title is quintessentially a Zelda game with all the bells and whistles from that of its previous iterations. 

You still get to travel across fields, forests, and mountain peaks – except, the underpinnings of the game lie in a ruined kingdom – Hyrule. You’re free to explore the lands any way you see fit, during which you’ll come face-to-face with enemies and wild beasts, and at the same time also be faced with the task of gathering resources.

As always, you’ll also receive special outfits and gear that can alter your strengths and dial down your weaknesses, which is made especially handy thanks to the increased graphical potential of the Nintendo Switch handheld console.

That said, the greatest feature of the game must be the way the game now treats its players. In-game actions are rewarded, unlike that of the previous versions, which did a great job at stifling you as you progressed. Don’t believe us? Simply take a peek at the myriad YouTube videos that showcase the frustrations of gamers dealing with a dated platform.

The Breath of the Wild gives us gamers an oversight into the future of the title, and it’s one that we think has the potential to outgrow its three-decade-old counterpart. Evolution is an integral part of every game – and this move signals towards better times. This then is the first prominent – and in some ways, legitimate – Legend of Zelda game in almost two decades.

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Series: Legend of Zelda
Developer: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Wii U

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