How expensive is it to set up solar panels in your home?

20 Sep 2018
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Ahmed al Shakaili, the managing director of International For Renewable Energy, talks about the benefits of switching to solar energy and how it will prove to be a solid alternative to hydrocarbon-based energy over time.

Solar energy is the future of energy generation – and the future is now. In the wake of the oil crisis in the Middle East, I think there is a focus on moving towards renewable sources of energy.

It was evident: the less we spent on our energy needs here, the more we could export. So, in more ways than one can imagine, such energy alternatives were making sense.

But, there has always been a misconception that solar energy is less viable than, say, oil and gas. That has been proven wrong recently, as our studies have shown that in the long run, solar equipment will be more reliable and efficient.

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This, along with the fact that companies are now providing 20 to 25 per cent off on solar equipment means it’s the perfect time to make an investment.

Affixing solar panels on a regular villa today will set you back somewhere around RO2,500. And if you’re registered with an on-grid arrangement with the government, you won’t be requiring batteries either. Batteries are the most expensive part of the solar-electricity system.

Today, however, if you have panels that produce 7kW and only have a requirement of 5kW, then the government can buy back the extra 2kW. Moreover, panels are so efficient these days so your current generation would be considerably more stable than previously.

All of this means you’ll be making money from your investment as opposed to simply paying per month for your expenses, like what most people do today.

This initiative was set in motion in May 2017, and I firmly believe that everyone must slowly make the switch to solar power.

It’s green, clean, and above all, affordable.

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