Don’t fall for this scam in Oman!

30 Sep 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

A message doing rounds in Oman has been causing widespread confusion among Bank Muscat customers – but it has now been deemed fake!

It sent bankers into worry after they were told that their ATM cards were blocked.

The message was reportedly issued by a website called Bank Muscat Online Update – and it has been sending out messages in both English and Arabic.

It reads: “Dear Customer, your ATM Card has been blocked. Because you did not have an update yet. If you want your ATM card to work properly, then call this number immediately: 96631571”

Bank Muscat has taken the matter into its own hands now and has asked customers to refrain from calling the number.

In a tweet, the bank stated: “Dear followers, Please be advised that this is not an official message from bank muscat and would request you to kindly be cautious and refrain from sharing your banking details to avoid fraud.”

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