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05 Sep 2018
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We asked readers to provide us with valuable feedback on bullying at workplaces and schools. We received several thought-provoking answers, but this is the one that stood out from the lot.

Dr. Tamanna Dalwai

Bullying can leave long-lasting issues related to a person’s emotional, social, psychological or physical well-being. It is important that these are addressed at the right forums in the most sensitive manner with complete confidentiality. Bullying issues in classrooms and the workplace need to be tackled separately. For educational institutions, whether schools or colleges, Oman should have a National Anti-Bullying Centre to create awareness, ensure provision of appropriate regulations and be a body for the redressal of escalated issues.

Similarly, all companies should have a policy on handling grievances that address bullying in the workplace. Oman’s Human Rights Commission can oversee availability and implementation of company policies. The Commission can also have an annexe to address bullying complaints directly to assure confidentiality. Campaigns such as ‘Stop Bullying’ or ‘Speak up on Bullying’ should be run month-long for people to come forward and report issues faced. Lastly, any forum, cell or campaign should be sourced with experienced leaders and psychologists to ensure that the purpose is met with success.

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