What are the dangers of consuming processed foods?

09 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Dr. Mary Ann Roberta, a nutritionist from Oman, talks about the positive effects of switching from regular foods to organically-grown foods.

I’m a firm believer in everything that’s natural and organic. If possible, I would even suggest to those reading this to switch to a diet that’s as organic as can be. I think that when people hear the word “organic”, they associate it with healthy eating but despite that we have yet to see a switch from processed vegetables and fruit to more organic yields.

As far as the farm-to-table movement goes, I think it’s the best way forward. That’s how most of us, as days went by, grew up. Just look at our senior citizens; they don’t seem to have experienced the ailments that most people do today.

Organic V Chemicals is a never-ending war – and as we know, the commercialisation of food has made the farming industry reliant on chemicals in the form of pesticides and compounds of manure.

This is killing us slowly!

People come to me with diseases at such young ages; you’d be shocked. We’re now seeing a lot of problems that we must diagnose, and we look at the patient and think

“I wonder what on earth this is now”.

It’s the chemicals reacting with our bodies. The nutritional value of products is highest when it comes straight from an organic farm.

But even then, we can destroy these organic foods by overcooking.

On a side note, I would suggest keeping the peel on most foods that you consume if you know that they have not been exposed to herbicides and pesticides.

Unfortunately, because people are now afraid that the peel of the food has been exposed to these chemicals, they’ll remove it. In reality, these are packed with vitamins and essential nutrients.

Try out organic foods for a while – most markets sell them. And trust me; you’ll see your body change for the healthier.

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