Top 5 games we can’t wait to get our hands on this August!

08 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The Y Geek Squad finds some top gaming titles to get you hooked this summer. 

1) Yakuza 0

Have you ever wondered how your life would turn out if you were to be born into the world of the mafia? And in Tokyo, no less? If you have, then here’s your golden opportunity to experience it all. The Yakuza 0, a prequel to the much-acclaimed adventure game, Yakuza, takes place in the Japanese towns of Kabukicho and Dotonbori, wherein you’ll alternate between the roles of protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. As the mafia boss, it’s your job to earn money and expand the businesses. This period game (from 1988) is expected to hit shelves in Muscat later this month.

2) Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

The 2018 FIFA World Cup may have concluded in Russia with France taking home all the glory. And as expected, some people are not pleased with the results. So, if you’re looking to take revenge, and perhaps avenge your favourite side, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 is here for you. It may not be the best game out there but with life-like graphics and a gaming engine to match, PES 2019 will give EA’s FIFA 2018 a run for its money. We’re only hoping that licensing issues don’t take out all the fun from this year’s game.

3) Madden NFL 19

American football is big in… well… the USA. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a taste of the action here in Oman. This game, which revolves around the National Football League (NFL) comes with sophisticated graphics, a physics engine that encourages you to pull off some insane tackles, and furthermore, raise your favourite team – if you have one – to the top of the league tables. We know EA has faith in this game; they’re featuring artists like Cardi B, Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Yachty in the title’s soundtrack.

4) Overcooked 2

Let’s get this straight: contrary to what people are inferring, playing Overcooked 2 will not prep you for the role of a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant. But, if you’re simply looking to learn a bit about cooking, all while having fun with four of your mates, then look no further – grab a copy of Overcooked 2 when it hits shelves this month. Players can learn to chop, cook ingredients, and prepare meals in some of the quirkiest restaurants around the world.

5) We Happy Few

Don’t let the cheerful title put you off. We Happy Few is not a game for the faint-hearted. According to the developers, the game’s universe takes place in an alternative version of World War II, wherein the Final Solution – the Holocaust – occurs much earlier than it actually did. This results in a secondary German Empire that successfully invades Great Britain. During the invasion, Britain is contaminated with chemicals that can manipulate the minds of the residents, which makes them suppress all their unhappy memories. This forms the basis of a dystopian society in Britain. As the characters of the game, it’s up to you to find a solution to the problem, and open the eyes of the residents of the nation to take a stand against the oppressors.

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