Top 5 games to look out for in September

30 Aug 2018
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Superheroes lead the way in our latest round of games for those forthcoming autumn nights.

1) Spiderman

Our web-swinging, wall-climbing action hero will be back next month after a long hiatus from consoles. And if the initial speculation is anything to go by, the anticipation has been well worth it. Not only is the game expected to feature slicker graphics, it will also come with stronger narrative and an equally gripping storyline. Marvel is still tight-lipped about the villains Peter Parker will be up against this time around but if the trailer is anything to go by, the movie-styled game could see a newer take on Electro and the whole lot. As is the norm nowadays, more villains could be added later as well.

Platform: PS4

2) The Shadow of Tomb Raider

Oh, Lara! If only our lives were as exciting as yours. Our favourite archaeologist, Lara Croft will be back this coming month at her job of venturing through Mesoamerica and South America, except she now must stop a Mayan apocalypse that she inadvertently unleashed. As always, you’ll be expected to combat enemies, explore the environment, and scavenge for resources that can be used to craft weapons. The game is a sequel to the much-acclaimed Rise of the Tomb Raider, and will be the last chapter to her origin story. 

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1

Get ready to taste the supernatural with Life is Strange 2. This time around, you’ll play the role of brothers Sean, 16, and Daniel, nine, who are on the run after an unexplained paranormal incident leaves a cop dead. No further details about the storyline have been released, but the journey from Seattle to their home in Puerto Lobos in Mexico will be quite a daunting one. And with Unreal Engine 4 at the helm of the physics engine in the game, we guarantee you plenty of scares.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One

4) FIFA 19

This game requires no introduction. We think the FIFA series comprises some of the best football titles out there – and we’d expect FIFA 19 to neatly fit into that clan too. The game won’t bring many changes for 2019 although if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; as they say. But cut through the PR stuff and you’ll find that there’s a new Chinese Super League, ‘no rules’ and ‘survival’ modes, and some newly-added player skills. Irrespective of all those gimmicks, it will sell
like hotcakes.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS

5) Immortal Unchained

We think Immortal Unchained is one of the coolest game names we’ve come across in a really long time (the last one being Resident Evil). That said, all the elements of this title, from the trailer alone, reek of generic action/role-playing games of old. We’re still keeping an open mind, though: The developers say that it will feature special weapons and armour that you’ll then need to use to fight your way across the nine worlds to “find the heart of decay” – whatever that means.

Platform: Microsoft Windows 

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