Meet the woman behind Oman’s first organic makeup brand

15 Aug 2018
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Organic, cruelty-free and homegrown? Vanity Galore is the hottest new makeup line around, and the creative mind behind it, Mneeraah, talks to Christine Karan

Every time I walk past the colourful and fragrant aisles of Salam or Sephora, I’m overwhelmed by the variety of brands on display, with each product boasting its own unique attributes. 

As I pass by, I often think: “How did this product come into development and what was the actual thought, concept and inspiration behind all of this?” 

I want to put these questions to the actual person behind a product so sitting down for a nice cup of Karak with Mneerah, the owner, creative director and the brain behind Vanity Galore gives me the chance.

Very down-to-earth, Mneerah greets me warmly, and I can’t help but notice her fleek and the chic matt lippe. Naturally, I have to ask her where her matt lippe is from. With a bright smile, she says: “From Vanity Galore of course!”

Vanity Galore started when Mneerah, a young Omani banking professional, wanted to get creative and colourful. After months of research, phone calls and e-mails and lots of support from friends and family, Vanity Galore was launched in 2016.

The main thing about Vanity Galore is that all the products are organic and are animal cruelty-free. 

This has made the brand a favourite among socially- conscious beauty lovers. Packaged in understated monochrome shades, Vanity Galore keeps its portfolio simple yet bold. 

The brand launched with three types of lipstick: crème lipstick, matt lipstick and a limited edition of matt lipsticks with scented aromas of mint and coconut. 

Once Vanity Galore got its foothold with lipsticks, next came the highlighter range, which can be described as bright, blinding and blending. The formula on the highlighters is a unique balance of crème and powder, which makes the highlighter last longer. It comes well-packed in a round case but lacks a mirror, which is disappointing. 

“When I go to work, I always mix lipsticks to come up with my own shade, and everyone around me used to love it and ask me where I bought that colour from,” beams Mneerah. 

“Hence, I came up with my line of matt lipsticks with shades that aren’t commonly available.” 

Vanity Galore also carries a range of lip-glosses that can be used independently or as lip-toppers. They are not your usual sticky glosses but are thin and give a wonderful sheen. 

As you would expect, the brand has plans to launch a range of lip-liners and blushers. 

When it comes to picking out her own favourite from the range, Mneerah says: “I love reds and I wanted to showcase a variety of shades of reds that my customers can choose from. So, Vanity Galore carries a range of reds that will suit everyone.”

You can follow Vanity Galore on Instagram at @vanityGalore and purchase the products from The LookOut at Avenues Mall and Boutique Muscat or even order through Instagram.  

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