Is your job slowly killing you? These tips could save you

01 Aug 2018
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Is your work/life balance slowly killing you? Here, Y offers a few tips to help you cope. Clocking in a few extra hours at the office shouldn’t mean clocking out a few years earlier in life

Ask yourself: do I live to work or work to live?

Chances are, you’re like many workers whose occupation is taking over their lives. 

In fact, according to a survey by the Families and Work Institute in the United States, one in three Americans is chronically overworked.

Most people agree that balancing work and home life is important but how exactly one achieves that is another matter. 

However, it may be easier than you think so keep the following tips in mind:

1) ‘Copycat’ capers

See someone who (seemingly) has it all? A tight-running family ship filled with happy passengers and an advancing career to boot? This person (if you can find him or her!) can give you an idea. However, what works for them might not necessarily work for you.

2) Make time

Lessening the amount of stress you feel at work may be a simple matter of time management. Schedule more time between appointments or meetings and refrain from making work plans every week night. The old adage of taking a deep breath when things go array is also worth remembering, too.

3) Use technology

For times when you need to leave the office early, take advantage of software programs that provide remote access to all your computer files at work.

LogMeIn (, a free software program available online, allows you to access your work computer from home and makes all your electronic documents and programs available whenever you need them. Using technology like this can shorten long days at the office and allow more quality time at home.

4) Have a hobby

Put one day or night each week aside to engage in a hobby. Even taking a quick walk early in the morning before work can make a difference in tuning up your mind as well as your body.

Alternatively, if you find it too hot even at that time, buy some indoor gym equipment like light weights or a sit-up frame, check out some exercises on YouTube and go to it.

Getting more exercise on a consistent basis will give you a more well-rounded routine, and help you keep your mind on the job – which is to stay healthy.

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