Here’s what a traditional Onam sadhya has

15 Aug 2018
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All eyes are on Onam this week as the South Indian festival takes over Kerala – and Yummy Oman shows you how to get a taste with the traditional flavours of sadhya!   

It’s that time of year when Malayalis prepare for one of the most popular festival of India – Onam. 

The harvest festival, which begins on August 25, is celebrated over ten days.  

Its highlight is the traditional ‘sadhya’ – or the vegetarian meal with more than 20 dishes served on a single banana leaf. 

Although the sadhya is usually served for lunch on the day of Onam, the preparation for it begins the night before. 

In Oman, many restaurants are gearing up to celebrate Onam by showcasing the best food that they can offer to customers. 

Here are some of the most popular dishes you can find on an Onam sadhya spread:

Kaya varathathu

Kaya varathathu (popularly known as banana chips) is a popular snack in Kerala and is a must-have during sadhya. Made from thin slices of banana, it’s prepared by frying in hot coconut oil. 

Inji curry (Ginger curry)

If you’re enjoying the sumptuous sadhya, this is one item you should not miss. Inji curry is a form of pickle, and it’s a combination of sweet, sour and spice made with crushed ginger and green chillies. Experts say it is good for digestion.  


Kootukari is an exotic dish mostly made during Onam. It is prepared with vegetables, coconut and black pepper, along with cooked plantains and brown chickpeas. 


This is the most popular lip-smacking dish from Kerala. It’s a thick mixture of vegetables and grated coconut; seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. 

Parippu curry 

This is a must-have in your sadhya. It’s a simple lentil dish made in grated coconut, green chilli paste and curry leaves. 


This is one popular dish in South India especially in Kerala. Sambhar is thick gravy made of vegetables, tamarind and lentils. 


Pachadi is a sweet curry made with pineapple, pumpkin or grapes mixed in yoghurt. The masala comprises coconut with cumin seeds and green chillies. 


This is a sweet dish that is mostly served during Onam. The sadhya ends by having prathaman, which is made with white sugar and coconut milk.   

Where to get sadhya in Oman?

Craving a delicious Onam sadhya? No need to fly all the way to Kerala. You can find the best sadhya spread from some of the top Indian restaurants right here in Oman. 

Horizon Restaurant, Ghala

Horizon Restaurant, located in Ghala, will be serving more than 21 dishes during Onam for RO3 per person. The restaurant is also hosting a Payasam Mela on the same day as part of Onam from 7.30pm onwards.

Ananthapuri Restaurant, Darsait

Offering some of the best authentic Keralan cuisine available, Ananthapuri Restaurant is serving up to 26 dishes including four paayasams (sweet dish) for RO3.500 per person.

1947 – Indian Restaurant, Al Gubrah

Located in the heart of Al Gubrah (near Indian School, Al Gubrah), 1947 – Indian Restaurant is offering up to 31 dishes for RO3.500 per person. The sadhya also includes four paayasams. 

Palm Restaurant, Al Khuwair

Palm Restaurant in Al Khuwair is offering traditional Onam sadhya for RO3.500 per person.

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