Great escapes: 5 destinations to visit this Eid

16 Aug 2018
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The Eid Al Adha holidays are almost upon us. Our much-welcome nine-day holiday, which begins on August 19, gives us the chance to spend some quality
time with friends and family or even take a break somewhere. But if you’re planning to fly out of Oman, we hope you have already bought your tickets. According to travel industry sources, air fares to some destinations have nearly doubled since the holidays were officially declared.  The highest increase in air fares is in key spots – mainly in India and Europe, where there is always a scramble for seats at holiday time. 

For instance, a Muscat-Kochi (India) return flight now costs as much as RO400 instead of the usual RO120. However, all is not lost, as there are alternatives; and one is the package deal, according to travel agent Arun Aravind. “If you are looking for a packaged holiday deal, then this is the best time,” he says. According to Arun, through the package deal some travel agencies in Oman offer flight tickets, accommodation and excursions. For many people, Turkey is a favourite.  “Most of the holiday bookings are to Turkey because of cheap air tickets and accommodation,” Arun says. If you still haven’t planned for the holidays, then check out these places and packages that can make your Eid a memorable one.

Azerbaijan is now a popular holiday destination among Omanis and expatriates. Popularly known as the Land of Fire, the country is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Its capital Baku is the largest city in the world below sea level. It is also the scientific and cultural centre of Azerbaijan and is among the top destinations for nightlife. If you’re planning to go to Azerbaijan, spend just RO219 for seven nights and eight days that include accommodation and a full-day tour to Baku, Gabala and Guba.


Over the past three years, Georgia has become a hot holiday destination for everyone in Oman, thanks to affordable deals from travel agents. It is also the cheapest European country to visit. Known as the land of mystery, Georgia borders Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey. Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, is the most popular city and a favourite among holidaymakers. Ushguli, the highest village in Europe, is another captivating place to visit in Georgia. For RO139, you can get a package deal for five nights and six days that includes accommodation, tour assistance, and entrance fees during excursions and return airport transfer.


Most people from Oman will be heading to Istanbul simply because of the amazing deals. For RO169, you can spend five nights and six days in Istanbul and enjoy the famous Turkish coffee and shawarmas. The package also includes a tour to Istanbul, Princess Island and to the Bursa Mountain. With most of the hotels offering up to 50 per cent off, you should enjoy your stay in Turkey.


This is the perfect time to visit Greece. With its lush landscape, Greece can be so addictive you’ll want to come back again and again. For RO169, you can spend four nights and five days at this most beautiful holiday destination and visit places such as Athens, Crete and the famous Milos Island.


Have you dreamt of a place where there are rivers, castles and waterfalls? Then Bosnia is right the place for you. For RO319, you can spend four nights and five days in this beautiful place and enjoy some mouthwatering culinary delights.  There are no direct flights from Muscat to Bosnia and the total 16-flight time there can be tedious but Bosnia is well worth it.

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