Five food hacks you can’t live without this summer

08 Aug 2018
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Are you a fan of warm-weather entertaining but melt when the heat is on? Then does Yummy Oman have some tips for you…

Picnics on the beach, barbecues, patio parties – any way you want to spin it – nothing spells summer like a good old-fashioned cookout. The long days and warm weather make for the perfect time to bond with family and friends over good food and drink. 

To minimise your time in the kitchen or behind the grill as the mercury rises, here are our essential summer food hacks to help you keep your cool and be the host-with-the-most. 

Make it pop 

We all love a good lick of an ice lolly to cool us down on a hot afternoon. A hit with the kids especially, having a stock of ready-to-go, homemade ice pops in the freezer is a home-run hitter any day of the week. You can find the ready-made moulds at your local supermarket or hypermarket, and whipping up a fresh batch is as easy as dicing or pureeing your favourite fruit, swirling it with a few dollops of fresh Greek yoghurt and popping them in the freezer for frosties on-demand! 

Ice, Ice baby

A warm drink is a sad drink so keep cold those summery sodas, juices, mocktails and more by having plenty of ice on hand. Buy an extra portable cooler and keep it well-stocked with bags of ice with more than a few trays at the ready in the freezer. And because, well, it’s ice – you know it’s going to melt, which can dilute your drink. Up your ice game a notch by adding fresh fruit and herbs such as raspberries and fresh mint leaves to your trays of cubes.

Simple sides

Less is more when serving a summertime crowd. You’ve got your protein on the grill, now keep your accompaniments simple yet flavoursome and – most importantly – hassle-free. Really, do you want fiddly fixings to cut into your quality time? We didn’t think so. So have easy cheat-sheet items on hand, like pre-cut coleslaw packets of shredded carrot and green and purple cabbage. You can toss both of these together with a creamy dressing as a side dish to the main event or as a tangy topping to your favourite burger hot off the grill.

Yellin’ for melon

Colourful, sweet, and packed with hydration and nutrients, the humble watermelon may just be the unofficial fruit of summer. Juice it or jazz it up on your salad; its value lies in its versatility. Don’t be afraid to go bold and pair it with savoury dishes to pack an unexpected punch and balance of flavour. And, if you’re on the clock and can’t be bothered to slice, chop, or cube a whole watermelon by itself, stock up on the pre-chopped grab-n-go versions available at your local supermarket – ask them to do it for you at the produce counter. Job done!


Low ‘n slow

Right after the grill, a slow-cooker is your best friend in kitchen this summer. With hundreds of more-ish recipes you can find easily online, it’s a simple as doing a little chop ‘n prep the night before. Combine all the ingredients into the slow-cooker in the morning, set it, and forget it. What you’ll come home to is a one-pot wonder that the whole family will be happy to tuck into. And the best part about slow summer cooking? It doesn’t add extra heat to your outdoor or kitchen space like traditional stove-top ovens and barbecue grills do. 

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