Top 5 apps that will make your life easier

29 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Admit it, it’s hard to imagine a life without smartphones. The Y Geek Squad’s Chloe Lewis has rounded up a list of the best apps available for Android and iOS that you should be installing right now!

1) Google Assistant

Want someone at your constant beck and call? Google Assistant is a virtual aide that can do anything for you save carrying your groceries from the car to the kitchen. It’s basically Siri but better. It provides more accuracy in doing complex tasks such as making dinner reservations and pre-ordering your favourite meal, proving its superior artificial intelligence.

2) Upwork

Freelancers scouting for new gigs definitely should download the Upwork app. It gives you access to the largest online workplace for an unlimited number of projects where you don’t have to commit to a full-time 9-5 office job. Entrepreneur states that users are rated by former employers so make sure that you get every job done if you want to maintain a reliable reputation in the self-employed community.

3) Spoon Guru

In addition to Y Magazine’s list of must-try food apps, Spoon Guru is also worth checking out. It’s an app tailored for those with dietary restrictions for medical, religious or lifestyle reasons. It lists recommendations in the area as well as recipes that fit your diet. You can also use it to scan barcodes of grocery items to see if the product is appropriate for your diet.

4) Headspace

With a stressful life, meditation becomes an effective method of relaxing. Medical News Today notes that Headspace is one of the best apps for meditation as it uses a rewards system to encourage its users to progress their mindfulness practice. It can help get you through your fear of flying, work pressure, and help you sleep better at night.

5) NextVR

It’s safe to say that Virtual Reality (VR) is on its way to changing how we view entertainment and sports. A Medium feature lists NextVR as one of the top VR sports apps that gives users an authentic experience of watching sports games. You can be sitting in the crowd of a football game and cheering for your team without actually having to leave your home. All you need is a special VR headset or you can use your smartphone as a VR tool. VR is an amazing piece of technology that different sports broadcasters have used for their audiences. Coral reported that VR was also used to provide an immersive experience for racing fans as they could watch the driver’s meeting of the NASCAR Cup Series Championship finale. VR offers fans a behind-the-scenes look that regular coverage can’t provide. NextVR’s idea for VR is the same, and it’s a pretty revolutionary way of watching sports. 

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