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29 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine
We asked readers to provide us with valuable feedback on the effectiveness visa ban in Oman. We received several thought-provoking answers, but this is the one that stood out from the lot.

R. Vaidyanathan

I don’t agree with this move because the Omanisation policy is not helping the private sector in recruiting for some specialised jobs. Some sectors like Renewable Energy, Mechanical Designing/Analysis, HR (Compensation and benefits) and Insurance Loss Mitigation Analysis require skilled and experienced Omanis who are simply not available on the job market. Companies are finding it difficult to fill these jobs. Banning expats in the sectors where nationals don’t have the requisite skills or experience is not an ideal solution. Omanisation should be based on competitive skills rather than numbers. Now it is moving with numbers. Moreover, non-Omani workers cannot be recruited in private sector entities for activities like carpentry, metal, aluminium and brick works. Omanis are not interested in these positions. Firms are finding it difficult enough to do business in Oman in the current economic climate as it is. This policy will adversely affect our country in the long run. New enterprises will not be ready to start businesses in Oman. Training opportunities need to be given to young Omanis for specialised jobs, which will improve their skill sets to meet the job market’s requirements. Then, automatically, they will be recruited.

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