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16 Aug 2018
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We asked readers to provide us with valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the Wage Protection System (WPS). We received several thought-provoking answers, but this is the one that stood out from the lot.

Winner: Sridhar Raj

I have been working as a Marketing Manager for a building materials company in Oman for the past eight years. For the first time this year, there has been a delay in receiving salaries on time in my company.  The last salary paid to us was in April and we have not been paid for the past three months. Due to the tough economic conditions in the country, we know that the company is facing payment issues from clients but most employees are living with their families here. I have reached a stage where I cannot meet the basic needs of my family. I am not sure the Wage Protection System has helped many expatriate employees living in Oman. The government rule says salaries must be paid before the 7th of every month and if the Wage Protection System has already been implemented, why is the Ministry not monitoring my company? This is just not my plight alone. This is the common case of every other expatriate workers whose salaries have been delayed for months.

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