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02 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

We asked readers to provide us with valuable feedback on the measures Oman could take to incorporate sustainable food practices in our Debate of the Week competition. We received several thought-provoking answers, but this is the one that stood out from the lot.

Winner: Tamanna Dalwai 

She wrote: “Government support is crucial towards the agricultural sector if it wishes to reduce food imports. The country should aim towards sustainable agriculture, which requires producing to meet social needs today without compromising future generations’ ability to cultivate. The reduction of pollution, optimum soil usage and curbing water wastage are vital to sustainable agricultural practices. There needs to be an alignment between the higher education sector, government and agricultural sectors so that they all work towards a common goal of researching and applying new techniques for food production. The government initiative of promoting enterprise should also give a push to youngsters to enter this sector, which would require training and adequate resources. There should be more saltwater-based greenhouses dedicated towards the production of sustainable food.”

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