5 summer eye makeup looks you’ll love

29 Aug 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

As the summer heat continues, Y looks at the top 5 hottest beauty trends for our peeps this season – anybody for the ‘wet’ look?

The long hot days of summer might be winding down in the northern hemisphere, but here in Oman, there are two more months of high temperatures to go before we can enjoy the cooler weather. 

This, of course, means that the hottest summer beauty trends have a longer life here so it’s not too late to embrace and perfect the top make-up styles for our eyes. 

1. Water works

There’s nothing worse than taking a quick dip to cool down, and your eye make-up starts to run; leaving you looking like the proverbial panda. This season, however, giving your eyes a ‘wet look’ is one of the hottest trends in the beauty world. Best of all, it’s easy to incorporate into your morning routine to add a high-shine, glossy finish to your eyes. After applying your favourite eye shadow, simply pat a smidgin of eye gloss (yes, there’s now gloss for eyes!) on your eyelids. 

2. Au naturel

Keep it cool and simple and go au naturel this summer. Thankfully, that means saying goodbye to the heavy eye contouring that beauty influencers have been embracing for the past couple of years. Instead, it’s all about going back to basics and letting your skin breathe. To get the look, all it takes is a swipe of subtle bronzer to highlight your eyes, followed by a touch of mascara. 

3. All that glitters

OK, so we know that glitter eye shadow is a staple in the play make-up offerings for little girls wanting to emulate their favourite Disney princess. But this look rocks for grown-ups wanting to add a pop of shine to the smoky eye trend. Adding a metallic glint to your peeps is easy thanks to the wide range of eye shadows and creams available on the market; from gold to silver, pink, purple and even blue. It’s a look best suited to a night out but there are some understated eye shadows to use during the day to add a touch of sparkle to your eyes.

4. Wing it

The classic winged eyeliner look has taken on a colourful, simplified twist this summer. Forget the vintage Brigitte Bardot look; this is all about creating ‘baby wing eyes’ by using a coloured eyeliner to slightly enhance the outer edges of your eyes. From cool whites to soft lavenders, strong reds or breezy blues; there’s a colour to suit all eyes. Best of all, it’s also a nod to the more natural look that is beginning to take hold again – which, we have to say, is a relief!

5. True blue

Once the preserve of the 1970s and ABBA revival nights, blue eye shadow has made a comeback as one of the hottest eye make-up trends for 2018. Admittedly, we are still not sure about this colour but have to say that some of the looks we’ve seen are pretty cool, especially the more iridescent blues. The blue eye shadow trend is part of a bigger picture that is embracing brighter, bolder colours for our eyes this year – but the number one rule is to stick to one colour rather than blending a variety of hues together. 

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