4 ways to protect your skin from the sun

08 Aug 2018
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Want to put your best face forward this beach season? Make the most of your skin by keeping it protected from the elements. Y brings you the basics  

You’re in holiday mode, the sun is shining and the summer season is blissfully upon us BUT don’t even think of hitting the beach without prepping and protecting your skin – and yes, that goes for men and women alike. While it might seem like a no-brainer, how many of us remember to lather up the Factor 50 before heading out for a day on the water or wadi?

And while a good dose of sunshine does wonders for our bodies – think Vitamin D and lots of it, a nutrient that many of us living in the GCC are, ironically, deficient in according to studies by Zayed University in the UAE – it can also inflict its fair share of damage.

Here’s how you can prep your skin to maintain its inner glow while staving off some of the worst effects of the sun’s rays. 

Exfoliate: An excess build-up of dry skin can dull your complexion, making it rough or patchy. Daily exfoliation with either a gentle scrub will help even out your skin-tone for that beachy glow. Just be sure to apply extra sunscreen as you’re more apt to burn post-scrub.

Beat those sunspots: Feel confident in the skin you’re in this summer by treating any unwanted dark spots or sunspots with Vitamin C essential oil. On its own, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. Pair it with moisturisers containing Vitamin E and you’ve got a powerful combo that will help fade those scars and spots. 

Manage breakouts: Ever had that moment of donning your swimsuit only to catch a glimpse of a bout of unsightly ‘bacne’? Banish it by using a serum of body-wash containing glycolic acid. You’ve probably heard of salicyclic acid and, while great at spot-treating those breakouts you already have, it’s glycolic acid that helps prevent new ones by dissolving those pore-clogging dead skin cells that are the culprits behind your pesky pimples.

Boost lacklustre tone: If you want that beachy glow but don’t fancy going the spray-tan route, then good hydrating oil could be your best friend this summer. Best applied after your base coat of sunscreen, look for a hydrating oil that will give your skin that dewy glow. Some varieties even come with built-in SPF protection of their own. 

We’ve got one skin to live in – the more we take care of it, the more we can enjoy it at any age. 

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