4 futuristic gadgets that are all the rage now!

01 Aug 2018
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The Y Geek Squad gets to grips with some truly futuristic and time-travelling devices to delineate your daily life.

1) Mixed Reality

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Microsoft – yes, the folks that make your PC – has come up with one of the craziest inventions of 2018: The Microsoft HoloLens. Name aside, not much is given into what this device is all about but for what it’s worth, this headgear-style computer looks to be straight out of a Terminator movie. Oh, and get a load of this: The self-contained, holographic computer lets you engage with your digital content, and furthermore, interact with holograms in the world around you. In short, this is the holy grail of virtual reality headsets except, it’s more intuitive and adaptive than the headsets of old. Get your very own HoloLens from microsoft.com for (a mere) RO1,152

2) Mission Possible

This Swarovski and Misfit activity tracker blends the best of both worlds: functionality and style. Previously, health trackers were limited to – if not exclusively a part of – sportswear. But with this bracelet, which has been engineered by Misfit and decorated by Swarovski, things are taken up a notch. The device can effectively track steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, and your sleep patterns, without sacrificing on elegance. Just think of the many interesting conversations you’ll be having about the device while attending a posh party (pun intended). Get yours from stridekick.com for RO65.4

3) Sleep Right

If you – like me – have come to a point at which your alarm makes no conceivable sense whatsoever then it’s time to get one of these gadgets. The Sense, a simple device that looks like a ball of yarn (good luck keeping your cat away from this), is a sleep assistant that can help you wake up on time. Of course, there’s more to it than just an in-built alarm. It can effectively measure your sleep patterns and wake you up at the optimal time. The device can also wake users slightly earlier if the Sleep Pill attached to their pillows detect they’re stirring earlier, thereby preventing them from drifting into deeper sleep minutes before their alarm goes off. Get it from amazon.com for RO15.4

Editor’s Pick

4) Personal Assistant

Dreams do come true. Not a single child sitting who watched Tony Stark have conversations with Jarvis (the robot) in the movie Iron Man could have imagined a technology like that would trickle down into our daily lives in just under a decade. Today, Amazon’s Echo may not be alone in the race to become the best digital personal assistant out there, but it sure is one of the best in the game. The device can be used for everything from setting up tasks, events, playing music from streaming apps, and ordering your food. The possibilities of the device are endless – and support from the developers is increasing by the day. Moreover, Alexa – the personal assistant – is quite fun to talk to. The Echo is available on amazon.com for RO38.5

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