What are your options to stay in Oman after you lose your job? This businesswoman has tips for you

25 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Fatima Hamayon, an Oman-born Spanish-Pakistani expat businesswoman, talks about her love for the country, and offers tips to others who would like to make Oman their home.

Being an expat in Oman is a privilege, and being born here is a blessing. When most children move to another country they find it hard to fit in. But this is a country in which many of the expats I’ve met have always stood by how much they love the nation.

This is also the case with me and if I were asked to make a move I’d always try to make my way back to Oman. Of course, that’s not an easy task – as most of us here rely on visas to stay.

For that, I made the move to start a business – an event management company. That ensures I can stay here for as long as I can see the business as a viable option. This isn’t something that I would advise everybody who wants to stay here to do but I would always suggest to those who have a flair for running their own company to give Oman a shot.

The reason for that is simple: Oman has a young market that welcomes business ideas. The competition here is growing slowly and if you’re looking to make your mark, this is the perfect place.

All that’s left is for you is to find the right timing.

I’ve travelled across the world – east to west, and I’ve not found a place better than this to set up my company. The respect and the support we women entrepreneurs receive here is incredible. That’s something I haven’t seen much in this region, either.

As for the others who have been residing here for more than 30 and 40 years – they can apply for permanent residency here. For that, you must go through the normal procedure with the authorities.

But if you’ve made up your mind that Oman is the home for you then it’s time for you to take steps to prove that you merit the title ‘Omani’.

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