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This Omani man has just won the hearts of residents in the country

In pictures he may look just like any other Omani man going about his daily life, but Rashid al Ghafri has just proven his love for his nation by taking matters into his own hands and repairing damaged roads in the Wilayat of Al Rustaq for the safety of other commuters.

In a statement to the media, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) revealed that the roads were damaged by traffic.

It reads: “Mohammed Al Omari, Brigadier-General of South Al Batinah Governorate Police honoured Rashid Al Ghafri for his contribution towards fixing and repairing some roads damaged by traffic in the Wilayat of Rustaq.”

The Brigadier further thanked him for his cooperation, and stressed that the honour he was bestowed with was in recognition of the framework of the authority’s keenness to strengthen the relationship between citizens, residents and the police.