This meme of Neymar Jr is breaking the internet!

05 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Just when we thought that the 2018 FIFA World Cup couldn’t get any more interesting, it’s come up with one of the funniest internet memes of the year! And it’s all courtesy a Neymar Jr that can’t stop rolling on the field.

There’s no denying that the editor of this video was creative (and probably a bit too bored at home!), albeit, credit must be given to Neymar for his splendid performance.

Neymar, who is now being touted as an “embarrassment to soccer [football]” by USA Today, has reportedly spend 14 minutes on the floor this World Cup. Fourteen minutes! That’s a staggering 840 seconds.

Still, there’s no denying that it was indeed this Brazilian’s golden boot that landed two splendid goals into the far end of the nets.

Nevertheless, Neymar seems to be making sure that he has a Hollywood career awaiting him when he’s done with football.

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