Tech: Top 4 football gadgets of 2018

02 Jul 2018
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Have a case of football fever this month? Our Y geek squad has rounded up their top picks to help you make the most of your game.

Soccer Buddy

Every football player needs a wing-man to analyse their game! But if you find yourself training alone, it’s best to keep handy the Zepp Play Soccer gadget. This small tracker device can be slipped into your sleeve and then synced up with your smartphone prior to hitting the pitch. With a whole range of analytics, you can see your distance travelled, number of kicks and kick speed, your number of sprints, maximum speed, and total time of play. Think of it as your own footie Fit-Bit. Grab it from for RO 38.

My Coach

On the surface, the Adidas Smart Ball may look just like a standard football – but don’t be fooled: The Smart Ball, as its name suggests, is smart! The size 5 and 32-panel thermal-bonded ball packs a built-in sensor that can tell you everything about your kick and ball control so that you can learn to control, strike and manipulate like a pro. This is done via a mobile app on Android or iOS that displays feedback on power, spin, strike, and trajectory. Buy it for RO 38 from

Tune In

Anybody who’s used a pair of in-ear headphones while working out can stand by this statement: Regular earphones are dreadful while playing football. All’s not lost thanks to Aftershokz – a relatively new brand that’s unveiled its new range of bone-conduction headphones: Trekz Titanium. The technology isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but its usage is. Also, it will sit snug on either side of your ears without blocking sounds from around you. Get your pair online from for RO 50.7.

Super Striker

If Argentina’s Lionel Messi is considered the ‘greatest of all time’, then the Catapult Sports Playertek can be dubbed the ‘Messi of football tech’. Comprised of a GPS tracker, accelerometer, magnetometer, and some other chips to accumulate player statistics, here’s the cherry on the cake: The device can hold up to 1,250 hours of football data – which you can later use to compare with those readouts from actual Premier League players. At RO 77, it’s pricey – but well worth the money spent. Buy it from

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