Shijas Abdul Latheef talks about the dangers of plastics

22 Jul 2018
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Shijas Abdul Latheef, an environmentalist and founder of Future Engineering Technology & Manufacturing Co. LLC (FEMCO) – a company focusing on biodegradable products, talks about the dangers of plastics.

In the grand scheme of things, human life has existed on Earth for about 200,000 years. But the environmental damage we’ve done has taken place in two centuries – and today, we’re reaping the sorrows of the consequences.

Plastic, a man-made compound has only been around with us for about 100 years, and it has already become a menace to society. Don’t believe me? Just Google ‘Green Pacific garbage patch’ and prepare to be shocked.

It’s an island that’s quite literally made up of plastics. It’s sad, really!

Our issues with plastics may not be as great in Oman when compared with other countries. We even have companies that partake in recycling here, but these materials are only from the dedicated garbage bins placed in select areas in the country.

That means a lot of plastics end up in landfills and dump sites. What’s more is that these plastics can leech into the soil and destroy organisms and contaminate underground water.

It’s a topic we need to address quickly. Also, most bottles can leech chemicals into its contents on hot days. So, here in Oman we are at risk of drinking water contaminated with carcinogens.

We need to address this. Let’s act responsibly as humans. Let’s take a stand against plastics, and begin using products that are not harmful to the environment or us humans.

For that, we can begin slowly. Let’s start by taking jute or woven bags for shopping as opposed to taking plastic bags. Also, try dumping all plastic wastes in the dedicated dumps. This will make sorting much easier for companies, and these plastics can then be recycled.

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